How to go from the friend zone to dating

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Whether stroking her hair while you tell her that you like her hair, picking up her hand while your cross the street, or putting your palm on her back when she walks inside a restaurant in front you – those little cues suggest your confidence and comfort with who you are and they also show that it’s normal for you to do that and you have no hang ups about showing basic signs of physical attention. The simple explanation for this phenomenon is this: dating/relationship issues is what friends are usually talking about – it’s what girls discuss over coffee or dinner.

And, of course, being aggressive promptly means kissing her when the time and place are right. Once a woman has a similar conversation with a guy, she starts relating to him on the same level as she would relate to her girlfriend.

If she wanted constant approval of what she is saying, she would be talking to her girlfriends or … So, stop, stop, stop – stop being “neutral,” stop walking on “eggshells” when you are talking to a woman, stop being afraid of offending her with what you say.

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Ideally, you should not even tell a woman you love her until it’s really obvious to you that she is crazy about you, that she expects to hear it from you and that she will even be upset if she doesn’t hear that “L” word.

Further, asking a woman how she feels about you is pointless and even harmful to your image as a confident and attractive man in her eyes.

Flirt – subtle sexual jokes and innuendos are fun, especially if the girl seems to be open minded and receptive.

Do not hesitate to touch her casually, lightly but with affection. ” and alike are seemingly harmless questions, but their harm is immediate and often unknown, even to the woman herself.

You should understand and remember that generally it takes women longer to develop attraction and romantic interest in a guy than it takes a guy to develop emotions towards a woman, and as a guy – you don’t want to be “ahead” of a woman.

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